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How are the numbers arranged on a roulette wheel?

Roulette online is a topic of growing interest in the gambling world today. Even though this game is easy to understand and flexible, there are specific rules that need to be understood by the players well. The most valuable part of the game is the roulette wheel. With this, one can play the game and hence profit. Therefore, a player needs to develop a thorough understanding of the same. 

The Randomness of Roulette Wheel Numbers 

A novice who doesn’t have an in-depth idea about the numbers might take this arrangement to be random. Every version of the Roulette game online, whether European, French, or American, has its order. These settings might be similar but have their distinctiveness. 

The Setting of a Roulette Wheel 

Although the numbers seem random, their arrangement is complex. A few rules must be considered before setting up a wheel. 

  • Red and black numbers should be placed alternatively after each other. 
  • The European wheels follow an alternation of high and low numbers. They need not be exact, but the pattern should remain constant. 
  • More than two odd or even numbers can never be placed next to each other. This is irrespective of the version of the game being played.
  • The colour depends on whether the number is odd or even in the range of 1-10 and 19-28. Odd numbers should be marked in black where there are even ones in red.
  • The colours are contrarily in the range of 11-18 and 29-36. Here the odd numbers are red, and the even ones are black.

Types of Roulette Wheels

As we discussed, there are various versions of the roulette wheel. They might be distinct in the number arrangement or even in the settings. Here are a few types of wheels that a gamer must know about


This is a comparatively Modern way of playing the game. The wheel features only 13 numbers in total which is 0-12. It might seem like fewer numbers will increase the probability of winning, but that’s certainly not the case. Using this wheel, the house is eligible to keep an edge of 7.89% 

European and French Roulette

Even though these are different versions, in terms of numbers, they are the same. Both of them feature 37 numbers on the roulette wheel. This includes the green pocket that has the number of ‘00’. French variants have a specific part called the racetrack present only for them. This setting makes the wheel look similar to a racing circuit, making net announcements easier. 


Understanding the game and especially its parts is essential to play well. Earning online Roulette real money is possible only if a player patiently develops resilience towards the game. Knowing about the wheel will help the players to choose the correct format for themselves and make profits. 

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